Every day healthy, fresh and original food. Real food

Our lifestyle leaves us few moments of respite, it forces us to run to all parts. The lack of time means that we do not value one of the most important moments of the day, that of food.

We want people to enjoy eating at the office again. That's why we prepare good recipes, beautiful and healthy and affordable. So that each meal is a huge experience.

Nora is born from the illusion of a mother and a daughter, both called Nora. The illusion of Nora's mother was dedicate herself professionally to the kitchen and, the dream of Nora daughter, was to lead a gastronomic project. Y when there is so much passion together… Who can stop it?


“It's quite simple, I want people to enjoy eating as much as I enjoy cooking.”

Chef y CEO - Nora Barata

Fotografia cubiertos
Fotografia cubiertos

Balanced menus

We take care of you.

The most important thing about a diet is that it is balanced. For this reason, we offer every day a menu composed by plates with all the different macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fats, in addition to the vitamins and minerals that our body needs to carry out the day with maximum energy possible.

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We take care of the environment

We offer local products. 74.4% of the raw material is fresh, and of these, 80.75% of our suppliers are local.

We buy our meat from a farmer in Cerdanya, the fish comes from the Catalan coastline, and part of the fresh fruit and vegetables from Castelldefels.

  • 100% compostable packaging
  • To Good to Go
  • We cook on demand
  • Soup kitchen (every week, we donate all our surplus to various foundations in Barcelona)

*Data calculated in December 2021

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Social inclusion

Solidarity and social inclusion are a very important part of the way we understand our project and define how we carry it out. That is why we collaborate with the Catalan Foundation for Syndrome of Down and in our team we have Elena and Santi, two very special people who help us a lot in our day to day.

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We believe that incredible experiences are created around the table and we want to give it importance. In Nora, we are on a mission to foster a healthier community and connect people through food.

We are a young, diverse, dynamic and multidisciplinary team that uses all our energy and enthusiasm to brighten up your day to day at the office. A small project and a great team behind it.