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Health in the Office

The workday is long. Who has time to prepare a tupperware for the office? Offering a digital canteen service with healthy and good food every day is a benefit that your workers will appreciate. Improve the satisfaction, productivity and general well-being of your employees. The best benefit for your employees.

Nora Real Food is your healthy food partner in the office. Our digital canteen improves your employees' daily lives by building a healthier and more sustainable work environment. We cook with fresh and local products, ensuring that we deliver a quality menu..


Eat out the office


Prefers Nora as a supplier


Workers happy if they have food at work


Choose an offer with additional benefits
Eat out the office
Prefers Nora as a supplier
Workers happy if they have food at work
Choose an offer with additional benefits

Our offer

Digital Canteen

Healthy food in the office for every day. For any type of business meal, from 10 to 400 people.

Doubts? We bring you a free tasting and we explain everything to you.


We adapt to your office. We design the space adjusted to your needs.

Company breakfasts.

Snacks, coffees, food, fruit for your company...and much more!

For medium and large offices.

Take care of the well-being of your employees.


Ideal for meetings, work lunches, teambuildings, corporate events...

Discover a different and healthy way to accompany any type of company event.

Physical Canteen

Manage your company's physical dining room. The best option to create a gastronomic space and retain talent.

We are your new community catering partner. We offer all kinds of healthy and varied food for your team.

Benefits of incorporating the digital canteen service

Food for companies. Delivery of dishes cooked by our chefs and delivered to the office. The easiest way to take care of your workers.

Increase the productivity of your

Increase talent retention
of your company

Increase presence
from your office

Eating together strengthens relationships
between workers

What do you think about our service
of digital canteen?
What do you think about our service of digital canteen?

With Nora Real Food we have found the perfect solution so that all employees can eat with high quality products at a reasonable price. Lunch has become an occasion for us all to come together, creating a very positive atmosphere in the office.

Único Hotels

Since Markem-Imaje discovered Nora Real Food, going to the office tastes much better!

Markem Imaje

It's been a pleasure to eat Nora's dishes every day! It's like eating at home, but with variety and originality.

Top Cable

At iMES3D we choose NORA for its quality, variety and proximity of its products. With a high frequency of new proposals on their plates, we all easily find what we want.


Nora has made mealtime a real pleasure at our workplace!

United Barcode Systems

Interesting QUALITY-price ratio, they also have menus for all tastes and are super delicious.


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Virtual canteen, company breakfast corner, physical canteen...
and great food. We are your supplier! :)

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Why is Nora the perfect option for your company?

Shipping to the office

With more than 30 dish references every day, your employees can enjoy different menus according to their gastronomic preferences..


Nora Real Food offers cheaper menus than eating in restaurants and also encourages presence in the office.

Easy and practical

With Nora forget about getting dirty. You will save time since we deliver it to you in a compostable container that you will only have to throw in the corresponding trash.

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept several forms of payment to purchase your daily menus: credit or debit card (payment can be made immediately through the secure payment gateway of our bank. In case of need for return or cancellation of the order, the amount will be reimbursed through the same card used). We also accept restaurant tickets, Sodexo, Gourmet and Cobee benefits cards. Another existing option is payment by company, depending on the agreement between the collaborating entity and us. The Nora digital canteen is designed to make your day to day easier, not a complication!

Yes, we do indeed offer special digital canteen agreements for companies with more advantageous prices and free transportation. Our team will advise you based on the benefits model you have regarding food, do not hesitate to request information from our company form.

Yes! We work with many companies and we try to adapt our offer to each of them. We have two business models; total or partial subsidy (B2B) and use of restaurant tickets (B2B2C). Subsidizing a portion of the food is a benefit that your workers will appreciate. They feel cared for by having a good, healthy menu every day at the office. Companies with which we have agreements usually subsidize part of the digital canteen in order to improve the well-being of all workers, since it is the highest valued emotional salary.

Yes, no problem. Many of our collaborators want to facilitate and maximize the worker's experience in the office. That is why they facilitate daily use of the Nora digital canteen through food. From our finance department we send you all the consumption details so that you don't have to calculate anything, we do everything.

The operation of the digital canteen service is very simple. Order online through our APP or website before 11am (companies outside Barcelona before 10am). They prepare your order in the central kitchens in Nora. It is delivered to your office between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Of course! Our gastronomic proposal is based on a weekly menu. This is made up of firsts (creams, salads, pastas, lasagnas, spoon dishes...), mains (chicken, turkey, beef, pork, fish...) and desserts (fruit, yogurts, cakes...). We are committed to homemade food suitable for everyone: vegetarians, vegans and celiacs. Our menus are designed to take care of you: healthy, varied and delicious food.

Every week. We have a fixed weekly menu with more than 30 different healthy menus. We have 4 rotating menus, so you could spend an entire month without repeating a single dish! We operate seasonally, adapting all the digital canteen menus to the fresh produce on the market.

More than 30 different healthy menus. The core of our business is the product, that is why we take care of all the details of our menus. Our offer is balanced (vegetable creams, salads, legumes, grill...), traditional (macaroni, meatballs, stews...), Mediterranean (gazpachos, octopus, paella...), international (curry, teriyaki, pizza, tacos, sushi, wok...) and suitable for vegetarians and vegans (vegan burgers, falafel, heura, bowls, salads...).

Our price range has a wide range of variety for all budgets, which we adapt according to the remuneration model and benefits that you have implemented. Ask about our Nora Gourmet prices (subsidized by the company) or Nora Foodies (restaurant tickets or others).

The order will be delivered to the office or address designated by the client at the time of purchase according to the chosen modality. The delivery area includes the following areas: Barcelona capital, within the postal codes between 08001 and 08042 (both included). For shipments to other areas, you must consult in advance, but the Nora digital canteen service is also active throughout Baix Llobregat, Vallès Occidental, Vallès Oriental and part of Maresme.

Yes! We use 100% compostable packaging and PLA lids. At Nora we avoid single-use plastics and believe in the circular economy, which is why we deliver the daily menu with reusable paper bags (3 uses). In addition, we are committed to an innovative and sustainable digital canteen model, so you only need your mobile phone to order your daily menu.

91% of workers go to work happy if they know they can enjoy a good meal in the office. Providing the digital canteen service to your workers will not only encourage attendance at the office but will also reduce the turnover rate, since your workers will feel cared for. The digital canteen subsidy acts as an incentive, it is not an expense but an investment to improve the general well-being of the entire office.

Call us or fill out the registration form to schedule a meeting. Together with our sales team you will be able to assess which option is most convenient for the company: digital canteen, corner or physical canteen.

Nora Real Food has a team of drivers who ensure that your company's daily menus reach you at the office every day. The digital canteen service is very simple; You just have to go to the website or APP, choose your daily menu and payment gateway. All the convenience from your mobile. Your Nora healthy food just one click away!

No. Your daily menu is plated in our kitchens the same morning. We put it in a paper bag and store it directly in an isothermal bag to preserve the temperature. This way, your food arrives in the best possible condition: healthy food with great taste. You should only put it in the microwave in your office if you have chosen a hot dish.

Ideally if you notify us the day before, we will cancel it without problem. If you wait until the last minute, your menu is probably already in the shipping process. Better send an email to the customer service department as soon as possible before 9am and they will try to cancel it for you.

The digital canteen service is designed to make it as easy as possible for you. In each dish on the daily menu you will find the allergens that that dish contains. The nutritional values are also included apart from all the ingredients it contains.

Not every day we go to the office. YEAH! You can talk about how many days you want to implement the digital canteen model, we adapt to the characteristics and needs of each company. Providing this subsidized service to workers encourages attendance at the office. If you are looking to move from a hybrid model of 2 in-person + 3 remote to one of 3 in-person + 2 remote, it is a perfect incentive for your employees. If workers know that they can enjoy good, healthy food at the office, they will not hesitate to come!

Our customer service is waiting for you from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Any problem that may arise with the digital canteen, we will solve it for you. You can write to or call our phone number: 937 637 735.

Yes! We have 5 different formats of healthy menus to offer you. The most common, the Menu of the Day (includes a first and a second). If you want to do the complete one, we have the Full Menu (includes a starter, a main course and a dessert). If you eat little, we have options for you. The Half Menu (includes a first or second and dessert), the Salad Bowl (protein salad) and the Maxi Menu (a first or second of larger size than the regular one). All these digital canteen menu formats are designed so that they can satisfy all the preferences of your workers.